Norway Innerfire indepth training


You can do more than you think!

Yes indeed. And this you can find out in this amazing trip on an amazing place!  You will learn the whole spectrum of the Wim Hof Method techniques.  

Get an amazing trip outside in shorts and in the freezing cold!  Not because we want to freeze you, but because we want to show you what you as a human being are capable of!


Do you need to have done preperations for this trip? 

No, but a bit of cold showering before you come is very usefull to make this trip a bit easier. A good general health of your cardiovascular system will do.  In case of doubt just ask us.


7 days          1590€ pp 

Trip includes

  • Bus ride from the airport
  • A husky ride
  • Ice fishing
  • Cold bathing
  • Sleeping place, food and drinks (except alcohol), ..
  • A mountain hike in shorts