Pieter Coenaerts

Pieter Coenaerts has done research in health, self-development and how you can become a better version of yourself. And this is in sports as well as in daily life.

he learned the Wim Hof Method after training a year under the guidance of Wim and discovered a true force in it. How to train your mind-set and focus in extreme situations, and how this can be used in daily life. He gives courses regurlaly and guides cold training travels.

He is a practitioner and a teacher of tantric techniques.

An actor. His education as an actor gave him a lot of knowledge in body language and physical consciousness.

What passions him a lot is how a person can gain more authenticity, strength and presence in life. This by accepting to see your flaws and fears on one side and confronting yourself with it on the other.  It’s amazing what truth but also opening to your vulnourabilities can do to someone. 

Know your fears and find the true potential of the human being in it! This is the main message that he is striving for and that he wants to transmits through his workshops.  Motivating, confronting and coaching.