Sliding Delight

This evening offers you a fun and light way to explore touch just out of your comfort zone. During this event, you'll get more comfortable with your nudity as well as with being playful in a group of people. 

Other benefits:

  • a load of oxitocine, the happy hormone!
  • a fun and gentle way to explore touch
  • a loving and fun way to broaden your comfort zone in a safe enviroment



There will be no acts of sexual intimacy in this course. 

After the introduction, a light meditation and a clear explanation of the "do's", "don'ts" and boundaries we will start the event. To make sure everything remains fun and safe for everyone, the host of this event will guard a safe space during the event.  A warm comfortable and candlelight enviroment with soothing music will set the ambience.

Some snacks, tea and water are provided, but you are welcome to bring some of your own to share with others.

A shower is available to wrinse of the oil at the end of the evening.

What to bring?

Your loving self and a towel.

Cost : 45 euros

Time : from 19h30 tot 23.00h