Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one, but it can have great effects on life.  We want to get people to explore more outside of there comfort zone, making a deeper connection with their body, mind, spirit and lust for life.  Its so easy to get a bit stuck in ourselves, taking daily life and yourself too serious.  To break this from time to time and slowly dig deeper gives you a great sense of freedom.  YOU are the one who is making your choices in life! YOU are responsible for your hapinness, health and well being.  Life is what YOU make of it! 

This is an opportunity to widen your path, your life, your sences.


Our activities

Outdoor extremes 

Expand your confidence, your capabilities and mind set.



Intimacy and sexuality

A theme with huge gains. More relaxed interhuman relations, more confidence, deeper and more fulfilled connections.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin