Learning about intimacy and sex?

Yes indeed. It might sound strange to you as you would think : "Sex is natural!  I dont need to learn about it!". Well, thats partly thrue.  We all know about the mammalian humping motion.  Its somewhere deeply inprinted in our system, and there is also some stuff we learn from movies and other sources.  We have got the tools and know what it serves for.

But there is so much more about it.  So much knowledge that has been cultivated over years and years.  And the good thing is we humans have the ability to learn like no other species do.  We can unlearn bad habits and acquire new skills.  

Well, it is the same with love, sex, touch and intimacy. There is so much more to learn about it.  And you can learn to get a lot better in all of those.  Simple techniques that are easy to implement and can greatly improve your sexlife, happyness and wellbeing.  Also you will get more relaxed in the broad spectrum of interhuman relations.   

Well guided and in a safe space, you can explore at your own pace the bliss of touch and intimacy.